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Leigh T   ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Relationship: Client

"We highly recommend David and his team. We bought a tiny disaster of a house in our neighborhood in Wellesley and now live in a well-designed, well-built home. We moved in weeks early and on budget!

We took a risk and bought a crumbling small bungalow on a very small lot with the intention of tearing down and building from scratch. David Silverstein and the architect he often works with Dustin Nolan met us at the house and walked us through what they felt, given the many restrictions the town has (which they knew very well), would be possible. 

Dustin listened to our desires and designed a beautiful home accordingly. Copper Leaf has a team that works well together which was evident when we had a town hearing to ok the project. At this meeting David arranged to be present: himself, the architect, the lawyer, the surveyor with plans on large displays. David's team passed with flying colors!

David worked with us on our budget and chose finishes within it. We passed the site daily taking the kids to school and got to see the progress up close. We also got to know the different crews Copper Leaf works with as well. David has great painters and landscapers and carpenters and more. They all are nice guys and have attention to detail. Besides that, Peter Tello is a wonderful project manager overseeing the day to day and even some Saturdays! David and Peter are responsive to texts, calls and emails and great coaches. They never told us what to do but gently steered us in the right direction again and again. 

We completely enjoyed the entire process. We did get a little lucky not encountering any major snafus, but Copper Leaf made most of the luck for us.


Chris R   ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

relationship: client

"Dave Silverstein (CopperLeaf) built us an incredible custom home in Wellesley Square. This home was designed with a modern/craftsman exterior and a modern/contemporary interior. The project was completed on time (11 months start to finish) and just slightly (5%) over budget (customizations we added in the latter phases of construction). The home was highly customized on the interior and exterior. We worked with Dave and his architect to customize the exterior (shape, design, material, etc.) and the interior (floorplan, layout, ceiling height, etc.). We were invited to be part of the process with each of Dave's subcontractors, although it wasn't required. For example, kitchen design was important to us so we worked closely with Dave and his kitchen cabinetry person. Woodfloor staining/color was important to us so we worked closely with Dave's flooring person. Windows, same thing. You have the ability to be as involved or not involved as you choose in a custom home build with Dave's team. Most importantly, the project ran like a well oiled machine. The subcontractors were all friendly, timely, reasonably priced...and it was clear David had both a working and personal relationship with them. Those relationships are critical and NOT the norm. We have never had a home visitor that did not compliment us on the unique quality, design and crafttsmanship of our home. Furthermore, we had full transparency on pricing with monthly copies of all bills and receipts. We feel very lucky to have worked with someone who we could trust...that also delivered an amazing product."